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If It’s Not Happening Here, Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Happening*

Before coming to actual topic I want to describe the spectacular view that I am enjoying right now. I’m sitting on a height of almost ten thousand feet; right in the middle of a beautiful jungle, the view is so amazing that I wish time could stop so I can enjoy the scenery for hours. Sun is getting smaller in size and golden in colour, in front of me mountains are spread in such a way it looks like a whole empire is visible to an emperor, and he is not only watching it but also enjoying it. A combination of golden, gray and white clouds is on the sky, it looks like a plane spreading colours in an airshow and showing audience both its beauty and power, and if this is the aim of the sky to show its beauty and power then I must say the sky is the winner. The wind is blowing in a way that it’s not only touching my body, but also attracting me to listen to her and to play with her. Now night is at doorstep and ready to cover everything with dark.

But is everyone able to enjoy the sunsets? Do people enjoy every day sunsets or do they spend another night in hope of a better future? From our own Tribal Areas to Syria and Iraq, and from Somalia to Palestine, the Muslim world is in state of war. The biggest tragedy as a result of war is in the form of refugees, number of refugees and displaced people is increasing day by day. According to UN, current number of displaced people is touching an alarming figure of 50 million which is the largest after World War 2. Only .45 million people are displaced as a result of operation ‘Zarb e Azab’. Just imagine for a moment the sufferings and difficulties of Internally Displaced People (IDP’s). Due to war they have to leave their homes and have to shift in IDP’s camp established by government. They have to wait hours to get food, their children can’t go to school, and there is great risk of outbreak of any disease at any time. In simple words life itself is misery inside those camps. Other provinces are also trying their best to rub salt into the wounds of IDP’s; provinces have stopped the IDP’s from entering into their territories. Even after the end of operation the damage to infrastructure will be irreversible. Same is happening in Syria and Iraq; people are travelling hundreds of miles to flee the war.

Only four to five years ago no one could have imagined about the current situation. The same ‘Al-Qaeda’ which America is chasing for more than a decade, suddenly became freedom fighters in the eyes of America and West when they start fighting against Bashar al Assad. But when the same group entered into Iraq a few months ago, they turned into ‘terrorists’. Sadly major (powerful) countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, America, Russia etc. are either supporting Sunni opposition or Shia regimes. Tragically the war is now turned into a Sectarian War; a war with no borders and with no visible end. The war which our enemies always wanted us to fight; a war in which there is no shortage of men, money and arms, everyday hundreds of men are slaughtered because they belong to other sects. Another disturbing fact is that young men from all over the world including Europe (from both Sunni and Shia sects) are joining the war. Islamic heritage that was preserved for almost fourteen hundred years is now under attack, many Holy places have been destroyed as a result of fighting and many other are vulnerable.

If today this is happening in Middle East, then God forbid tomorrow this can happen in our country. The map that is released by the ISIS (Islamic State in Syria and Iraq) showing that they want to establish an Islamic emirate that spread from Saudi Arabia to India including Pakistan. The only way to stop this war from entering our streets is to understand the greater agenda that is behind this fight. Neither Sunnis can execute all Shias nor Shia can do this to Sunnis. But what both can do is they can live with peace, both sects also have to stop those so called scholars who are fuelling the war through hate speeches and literature. In the end; I think it is our moral obligation to help those IDP’s who need our help and also to prey for the safe return to their homes.

*The title is taken from a video made by ‘Save the Children’


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