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Making Sense of Nonsense

Once Zardari told his aides: Fellas! It’s time to make history, and sent his interior minister on a mission; Rehman Malik came back after some time and confirmed that Ajmal Kasab, the only surviving attacker of Mumbai attacks, was a Pakistani citizen. It was also the first time that I came to know if you are a Pakistani Muslim and caught doing Jihad in India, then you can seek mercy from Bhagwan instead of Allah: “Bhagwan mujhe ni maaf kare ga”, was the words of Kasab in his confessional video (now you can also watch it without using a proxy). History making didn’t end there, after the Mumbai Attacks we prosecuted Hafiz Saeed and he was released as should have, some others also went for trial, and last year Lakhvi ‘The Mastermind’ was also released on bail. Our court also rejected the findings of a (Pakistani) commission that visited India, because they weren’t allowed to “cross-examine the prosecution witnesses”.

Then came Nawaz Sharif and in his part came the Pathankot, this time it was Nawaz Sharif telling his aides the same story: Fellas! Let’s make some history this time, from this time onward we will not allow our land to be used against our neighbors (and it’s our neighbor’s choice to stop using their land against us when the time is right). So they started working on ‘evidence’ given by India and filed a FIR , this time Indians wanted the Masood Azhar, not the Hafiz Saeed, maybe because change is the only constant in life. Nawaz government took the right step on his way towards making history, but Indian defense minister came in the way and said FIR isn’t enough.

Before deciding what’s enough for them, let’s put it this way: India want justice and we aren’t providing it. What if they don’t want justice at all? If they wanted the justice then why RVS Mani, Indian home ministry’s undersecretary, claimed Mumbai attacks as an inside job with the purpose of strengthening the counter terrorism laws, in his affidavit submitted in an Indian court. If justice is that sacred to Indian government then why their ex interior minister is saying that Afzal Guru case “wasn’t correctly decided” and there were “grave doubts about the extent of his involvement” in the parliament attack. If justice was the case then probably they would start providing it from their own home.

So what do they want then? I think this latest statement by the Indian defense minister will clear some air, he said: “Pathankot attackers had the state support [of Pakistan]”. See, justice isn’t their ‘target’; state of Pakistan is. This isn’t new, whether it’s Modi proudly mentioning his role in breaking Pakistan in 1971, or blaming us for Samjhota express fire and Makkah masjid (India) blast, and then finding Hindu terrorists behind the attacks by their own investigators.

Sighs! Could anybody have imagined of this day when India is demanding us to ‘Do More’, and the worst part is us complying with their demands. So what’s wrong with them? I think ‘Nothing’; they are doing what a country does to its enemy. Did you just say that it’s the extremist government of Modi and some lunatic ministers? Maybe you are right, but remember Manmohan Singh calling Pakistan “Epicenter of Terrorism” while addressing the UN annual session? They consider us as their enemy from the start; the situation won’t change by denying the fact or by looking the other way (I’m not talking about 1.2 billion Indians but a minority that always rules the India).

So is there any hope that our leaders will talk to their Indian counterparts by directly looking into their eyes? Nah, who will counter-argument them? PPP? Maybe when all the resources of Sindh will dry up, they might think about it. Maybe Imran Khan? didn’t he proposed the idea of a ‘mutual nuclear plant’ at Indo-Pak border, and Khan think trade will solve all the problems (wondering how Indian funding to Pak terrorists will be halted by trade), or maybe MQM will show eyes to India, I think pressers of their (ex) leaders are enough to anticipate their response, or maybe Nawaz Sharif will tell them enough is enough, but only after his business deals are secured and Sajjan Jindal get access to Afghanistan and central Asia.

It seems like we masses can just hope that one day our leaders will talk to Indian rulers in a tone that they understand and in which they talk to us, or maybe one day we will find a solution to this nonsense in some Indian movie.


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