A City Difficult to Understand

After crossing trucks, traveling on rough road and passing huge storage houses we were finally at beach. Fortunately or unfortunately the weather was cloudy and water level was pretty much high. The sound of the water was a bit scary, but the colour of sea was amazing; a mixture of blue and green, and when sun appeared from the middle of clouds, waves turned shiny and the whole scene was breathtaking. Brownish sand of the beach was looked like a smooth carpet. In simple words It was extraordinary, not only the beach but the whole Karachi trip.

Before our trip we were really worried about the situation in Karachi, but thanks God that we came home safe and secure. Karachi is much busier, nosier and polluted than Islamabad; however I really liked the city, its style and the accent of the people. People of every age group chewing pan and chali and painting ‘abstract art’ on walls. On almost every signal, every street light and on every wall you will find flags and banners of political parties. Finding a wall without wall chocking in Karachi is like finding water in the middle of a desert, now even popular brands are using wall chocking for their product advertisement (although they are painting the walls in a much proper way). In Karachi taxis are very rear, they are replaced by ‘cng rickshaws’ which are cheaper and comfortable then old ones, the interesting thing is about the variety of rickshaws, from three seater to eleven seater. If you are from Islamabad then it’s better for you not to know about the traffic in Karachi. ‘Signals without bulbs, policemen without respect, cars without indicators and roads without crossings’. The thing that they really have and they use it with open-heart is ‘horn’ and its use. One more specialty of citizens of Karachi is the arguments and the exchange of both ‘kind’ and ‘unkind’ sentences in the middle of driving. Despite all the things Karachi is a city with ‘variety’. According to EIU (economist intelligence unit) recent survey Karachi is the world’s cheapest or least expensive city. The food, transport, rents are all affordable. One of my favorite hobbies in Karachi was to ask rickshaw divers or shopkeepers about his views on Islamabad, according to them; “Islamabad is a beautiful city, but it’s expensive”.

These were the some of my personal observations during the trip. But talking about the political scenario in Karachi, situation is getting messier and uglier day by day. Almost every political party of Karachi is directly or indirectly involved in every type of crime. Political parties turned into mafias, each party’s aim is to capture more areas and strengthen the position on occupied territories. When police itself protecting the criminals and when politicians themselves are the receivers of ‘bhatta’, then how can you bring peace in ‘mini Pakistan’? I have much more to write on Karachi, but for that purpose I will need a whole new blog. For time being; sit tight, watch the ongoing ‘targeted operation’ and hope for the best.



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6 responses to “A City Difficult to Understand

  1. ali hasan

    bold and solid…(y)

  2. Waleed Ahmed

    nicely written

  3. ali hasan

    paan, chaalia and abstract art … 😛 (y) anyways the article dipicts the true picture of the city …

  4. Wardah

    keep it up uzair…looking fwd for more articles! 🙂

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