They Are Back

After almost ten days of ‘battle’ between different ideas in my mind, at last I casted my vote. I was thinking, and still think that this (democratic) system isn’t the ideal governing system. Democracy is the way which leads towards the path of ‘capitalism’, and we all know that the capitalism is one of the main reasons behind the serious ongoing economic crises in (European) countries like Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Italy and Portugal. America is also facing same kind of economic crises. I was also amazed by reading the speech of Quaid e Azam given at the inauguration ceremony of state bank, according to him; “only a miracle could save western economy from disaster”. He totally rejected the western economic system and wanted an economic system truly based on Islamic principles. On many occasions Quaid also said; ‘today Islamic principles are as applicable as they were fourteen hundred years ago’, and that is a clear cut answer for those who spend their energies to convince the people that Quaid e Azam was secular and wanted a secular country. He also formed a committee to complete the job of developing an Islamic economic system and said that ‘he, himself will monitor this work’. Unfortunately he didn’t complete that job and passed away.

Making my story short, I casted vote with some ‘reservations’. More than a week has passed since the elections, and the official results have been announced. Unfortunately, we didn’t succeed in making a ‘naya Pakistan’ but the Sharifs are back, they are back with their ‘team’ which consists of fake degree holders, dual nationals, tax defaulters and mafias. Now we are back in ‘purana Pakistan’. After elections there is ongoing debate about ‘rigging in elections’. Definitely there was great rigging in general elections, by analyzing different reports issued by domestic and foreign organizations, which were monitoring the elections; we can say that almost ten percent polling was rigged and unfair. But rigging isn’t unusual in our country; it happens all the time. If you are voting in Pakistan, then you should have to ‘leave some space’ for rigging. Believe me, I’m not saying or trying to say that rigging is a good thing, or it should happen. Definitely rigging is totally injustice with the voters and the candidates and it shouldn’t be acceptable. What I’m trying to say is that if elections were totally free and fair, then results would remain almost the same. PML-N would be the majority party and Nawaz Sharif would be the PM. But in free and fair elections MQM could see a major setback. In our voting system rigging isn’t the real problem; the real problem is that ‘on what basis people cast their votes? Majority of rural population cast their vote on ‘baradri system’, (sixty five percent population of Pakistan lives in rural areas) despite the fact that the candidate is dishonest or corrupt. In my opinion, with changing the mind and thoughts of the people we should also work or at least think about the change in the system.

I think it will be unfair not to mention Nawaz Sharif’s good attitude before and after elections like postponing his campaign for one day after Khan’s fall and visiting him to the hospital. In the end, these elections also brought some positive changes in our society. Imran Khan really brings a change in the mind of our youth, first time in our history upper middle class have participated in political activity. In Karachi, political parties openly condemned and protested against the mass rigging done by MQM. People which Altaf Hussian calls ‘burger-juice guys’ and which we know as ‘our youth’ are protesting for several days against rigging in different parts of the country. Power full horses like Chaudry Nisar, Perviaz Ashraf, Yousaf Raza Gilani etc. were defeated from their constituencies despite the fact that they really did a lot of development work in their areas; they were defeated from their strongholds because of the ‘change’ occurred in the minds of the people.

And yes, for the next five years watch and enjoy Nawaz Sharif building greater relations with ‘India’ and Shehbaz Sharif constructing ‘bullet trains’.



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3 responses to “They Are Back

  1. Yes i totally agree, nicely written..

  2. Waleed Ahmed

    nicely written

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