All Good Things

It’s January and it’s cold in Islamabad. I think there are two ways of spending your winter time; one is to sit tight inside your house, hands in front of heater and eating peanuts. But, I dislike this way; I think that we should enjoy the winter. I love to walk in cold and also love to feel it, because when you feel something then you also enjoy it. Ten in the night, you go to the market, exhaling smoke from your mouth again and again. On returning back to home, nobody here and there, just you walking alone and disturbing voice of your chappal.

The point that I’m trying to make is that ‘there is always second side of everything’, usually which we don’t see.  Same ‘dual face formula’ apply to Pakistan; in today’s Pakistan we mostly know and discuss bad situations. I’m not saying that there is no bad that people are discussing. Definitely there is bad, or even much more than good, but good is also there. Let’s start with our judiciary. I, myself is a very big fan of CJ (chief justice). I heard many people saying that “what we got after the restoration of judges?” In my opinion, It’s not the duty of judiciary to provide “roti, kapra aur makan” to people. Their duty is to provide justice, and they are doing their best. Just few years back, can anyone think that ISI appears in front of Supreme Court and accept the illegal arrest of prisoners? Court took action against Hajj corruption and save people from trouble, which went later on Hajj. They took action from Karachi killings to Balochistan unrest. There are very large number of cases and judgments which directly affected people’s life. I am not writing these lines for discussing judiciary performance, but I’m writing this to highlight some ‘good things’. We have snooker champions like ‘Mohammad Asif’, who go for world championships without any government support and return back with the title of ‘world champion’ of snooker. We should be proud of people like Abdul Sattar Edhi, who donated their whole life for Pakistan and for his people. We also have persons like ‘Umar Saif’, whose name listed on the “world top 35 young innovators” (by MIT) and now he is serving to Pakistan. There are lot of good things around us, what we have to do is just to look around. So don’t worry, take a sip of coffee and enjoy the season.


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