The Lost Memories

Last year, I lost my grandmother and this year, I lost my grandfather. After the death of my grandfather, I’m convinced that after losing someone you realize their importance. When my grandma passed away she wasn’t living with us, but my grandfather was. Soon after his departure, I didn’t realize his absence due to the presence of our relatives. But, after two to three days when life came to normal, I missed him.

In my childhood I read something about ‘dreams’. I read that the things we saw in our dreams are actually those situations, about which we think in our daily life. I saw dadi in my dream on the night she died. I saw her, lying on the hospital’s bed and I was sitting on the sofa, watching television. In that dream I found myself some sort of guilty for not taking care of her truly. On the night of dada’s death, I thought that maybe dada will also come in my dream, and I was right, on my five hour sleep(I usually sleep seven to eight hours)I saw him in my dream. He was also lying on the hospital’s bed and I was holding his hand, I saw his hand moving. I was glad and informing my uncle that he is alright.

Now, there is no voice of radio, the voice that we used to hear from five am to ten pm. Now, I don’t have to worry about his lunch and dinner, his bananas and biscuits. Sometimes, I think that I didn’t take care of him as I should. I could spend more time with him and take care of him more effectively. Then, instead of becoming sad, I recall the good memories. Like serving him the lunch and dinner, taking him to the washroom etc. I am telling you all this because it may also happens with you. Therefore, instead of being shameful; just recall the good memories, because ‘you always have the good ones’.


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